Sunday, November 13, 2011

11/13/11 Insight of the Day: Saturn and Neptune 11%2F13%2F11 Insight of the Day%3A Saturn and Neptune by The Naked Astrologer

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If your naked and you know it and you really want to show it if you naked and you know it.....
Ah, hello my naked friends. The Naked Astrologer has been traveling to many many lands of late to spread the truth behind the physical experience. There are many worlds in which physicality is experienced, most just happen to exist in a different dimension of time and frequency. You will meet these aspects of your greater self when the time is appropriate. For now, let us discuss the workings of Saturn and Neptune.

There two planets are considered opposite to most conventional astrologers. Saturn creates
borderlines of distinction, and Neptune removes all boundaries. Saturn could be likened to stone, and Neptune to the powerful ocean. Through Neptune, we continuously tap into the sea of creativity. Redemption from past trials is offered through Neptune. However, with any path you choose, there is methodology that must follow the physical laws of this world. Saturn is where you must learn and become responsible for what it is that you want. You can have anything that you want in this world, but there is a cost. Saturn will bring that cost to your threshold, and often you will find that this cost is the pain and fears that resonate deep within from previous trials of experience. These must always be moved through and healed if you are to move forward in self awareness, self mastery, and with the ability to responsibly manifest the way you were born to.

It will be my pleasure to stay here for awhile and once again bring these insights to you on a
daily basis. I have missed you all and love you all. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness, and

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