Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/29/2011 Naked Insight of the Day: Moon in Scorpio 9%2F29%2F11 Astrology Insight of the Day by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, hello there my clothed friends. I have encountered many kinds of entities in my travels among the stars and through time, but this is the first time I have ever come across a group that adds so many accessories to their naked bodies, at least not accessories that you cant even eat!

The Moons position is always of importance, but it is only a position of relativity to that of the Sun. To say the moon is at a particular degree of Scorpio, as it is today, gives the Sol/lunar cycle of manifestation a quality of need indicative of this position along its greater cycle. At Scorpio, conditioning is rooted in the matrix of shared resources and reality that is formed out of relationships, including sexual consequences as well as karma from inheritance. At Scorpio, the lunar need is to HOLD ONTO the individuality before ultimately yielding to the inevitable force of life, that our life is lived for the benefit of the group, humanity as a whole. Scorpio faces the truth that our energy is not ours alone, and that distribution of the life force will ultimately lead to a disintegration of the earthly body. Given that the moon brings energy of the past and Scorpio’s need to preserve the self, a soul fights for this self through its sexual experiences, through the birth and death of everything that it creates. The matrix of shared resources becomes a learning ground for the fact that all resources and energy are ultimately shared by one great body, and that we are in this together. Through intensive self knowledge and depth, Scorpio learns this and learns to release the self as it embraces the universal laws of oneness which is Sagittarius. The need naturally transforms from the Scorpio motif to the Sagittarius motif.

Come back tomorrow for another insight of the day. Until then, Love, Truth, Awareness and Astrology!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Naked Horoscope for the Week 9/27/2011: New Moon in Libra meets Pluto Naked Horoscope of the Week%3A New Moon in Libra by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, happy New Moon! New seeds are being planted into the consciousness of humanity. These are seeds from previous harvests. There is opportunity to transform what will become part of the future seeds structure. Each moon cycle allows us to work with the past as we create the future unfolding.

The New Moon in Libra will be in strenuous aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is where the physical structures that serve humanity exist. Capricorn is the externalization of security. Herein lies the laws of our land to make us feel protected and secure. Herein lies our system of economics in order to provide a means of supporting what we value and a benchmark for the value of our service. Herein lies the archetype of the Father. Naturally, through the perception of ego, fear has entered the equation. Earthly fathers can fear for their children and plant boundaries and means of protection within our laws and our structures. Earthly fathers can hold onto the role of father, the middle man between his child and the way to success. Competition and symbolic castration can enter the equation as many of our physical economic structures are upheld in order to provide security for the few that are afraid to allow the children to grow into their teacher, afraid to relinquish the structures that they painstakingly build as they forgot that they built it for their children and their customers from the beginning. Humans are afraid to relinquish any resource control that they have gained because they fear that they will no longer be needed, as if the material that they have acquired is the only reason they are needed or valued. True value and security is internal and eternal.
With the New Moon seeking a balance between ego and the higher soul in Libra colliding with a restructuring of economic structure through Pluto, the system of value will be balanced and restructured. Control of something temporal is of course, only temporal. In the mean time, there may be war, violence and protest, for humans on this planet perceive that survival means protecting the ego. Remember, your energy never dies, you only continue to change form. Remember that you all must become one and face your own fear and well as your brother's before there is true security; before you make your way home. To me, its all just drama, illusion, just as I am, however just as my purpose is to teach you and expand your awareness, the same is true for the drama of your physical reality. For today's new moon, I am pleased to present the first Naked Horoscope of the Week. Come back tomorrow for another naked insight, and come see me next week at half moon for the next installment of Naked Horoscopes. Until then, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!

ARIES - This week your energy will be inspiring as you are filled with innovative ideas and drive. The question you need to be asking yourself is this: Is this wonderful feeling worth destroying any possibility of your idea becoming permanent, only so that you can return to this state of endless potential again? Your ideas have a chance to be received by others as transformative and restructuring, or they can be considered impractical and selfserving. It has nothing to do with the quality of the idea as to how it will be received. It has to do with the answer to that question you need to be asking yourself.

TAURUS - You walk over to your neighbors house this week to borrow his soap, not only because he makes his own and adds essential oils that you love, but because his wife always sends you home with a homemade marionberry pie. Although the car is in the driveway and the lights are on, nobody answers the door this week. You drive over to your sister's house to see if she can loan you an extra $100 because you are low on funds as you have been at the end of the last couple of months, and you suspect that she is growing wise to it and is avoiding you. What is the lesson for you here? It is your turn, Taurus, to make yourself more resourceful. It is your turn to make sure your inner cup runneth over enough so that you can be there for others as they have been for you. Go to the neighbor on the other side and borrow a recipe book and bake them some homemade pie. If you are able to make this adjustment, you will find that these resources will return exponentially.

GEMINI - Your ability to play Devil's Advocate is on fire this week. Its always been a skill of Gemini. However, this week we do not need you to rip our idea apart in order to display your open mindedness and superior intelligence. In the past, you may have found this brings about a balance of perspective, but polarity in your world has reached its maximum. The challenge you put to others is really a challenge to yourself. Are you capable of moving forward with one perspective without breaking it down with the opposing one? There is nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty and genius of your competitors, in fact this is gift you have that can bring us together as one rather than oppositional forces. Take one of your brilliant ideas and go with it, then spend the evening at your competitors place of business and indulge completely in their service. Their curiosity will bring them into your center, their guilt will lead them to sample your paradigm, and your charm will lead them to work with you and not against you.

CANCER - A new business opens up in your neighborhood offering Organic Gluten-free edible underwear. You are moved and inspired by the innovators of this new and exciting product. However, at the same time you feel deeply for the mom and pop store down the street that has been selling fine underwear for 40 years, for you recognize the shift in consumer consciousness will mean a loss for these fine people. For this reason, your emotions will potentially be swayed this week. Inside you Cancer, you long for the change that will bring about true collective security, but you relate to the feelings of insecurity that come with this change for those that are still fighting it. Each of these are external nodes on a greater wheel. You relate because the spokes of this wheel all meet in the center, and that is where you are. For this week, be still and allow the overall process to build. Cancer must stay focused on its current path, stick with the underwear you typically buy for now, and not allow itself to over empathize with either end of the wheel.

LEO - The fruit of your leadership abilities will begin to blossom this week. This fruit can be sweet and delicious or it can be bitter and rotten. Our children, our beloved, our employees, even our animals all reflect the strength of our creative ability in their happiness and their success. If they are unhappy or unsuccessful, it could be because your own fears and insecurities are draining them, for they depend on you for their strength and you know this! Let this week be a barometer for what kind of leader that you are. Don't take negative results too hard. You must lead by example, and for you that means that your happiness and success are in direct correlation to those that look to your leadership

VIRGO - Your neighbor starts growing a vegetable garden in his yard this week, which has a direct link to your increased clarity. You see, the activity around you will dramatize and mirror the values that you have held inside. You've been working on perfecting the techniques of organic gardening in order to produce the greatest quality fruit, but there is something to be said for just doing something instead of thinking it to death. Do not judge yourself for not starting the new trend, for there is still plenty of time to add your innovations if you can act. The actions of your neighbors is giving you permission to be more authentically yourself. In turn, your counsel will be sought by those acting out your vicarious desires, because they will sense that their actions are in your heart.

LIBRA - Happy Birthday to you, Libra from the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn! All are visiting your sign, so what does that mean for your birthday month? You have a tendency to enter relationships and social situations as a means of escaping one in which balance is lost. You may have submitted yourself completely to one and seek to find another that you can control. This is not going to work for you, Libra. While relationships are good for you to enter in order to practice the balance of ego and soul, enter all social situations with caution. Let your partner know each day what it is that you need, and ask your partner each day what he or she needs. If you can do this without losing yourself or having your partner lost in you, this relationship might last beyond next weeks horoscopes.

SCORPIO - You may find yourself buying a treat that is a favorite of your significant other. Your timing being purposeful and directed as usual, your partner comes home to your grinning face just as you eat the last bite. It is time to reflect on this passive aggressive behaviour Scorpio.
What you just did is place something you know that they love inside of you because you want to feel them love what is inside of you. This week is about the struggle to bring about that balance, shifting your partners values from the external to the internal. Start by loving what is inside of
them. Everyone values love, and that love is coming from inside of you.

SAGITTARIUS - For the pet lovers, pay attention to your animals this week. Is your dog pulling you more on your walks? Is your pet not as affectionate as it once was? Is it acting more or less needy? Your pet is a reflection of your animal nature, something which you are normally
skilled at having control over. This week your animals are communicating to you that you have sacrificed some basic biological needs to what you perceive to be a higher cause. Animals are much smarter than humans, so listen to them and meditate on what it is that you need.

CAPRICORN - Gross sales of your widgets dropped 25% last month. This week, you can try to rearrange them in the window of your shop. You can offer red widgets, put the yellow ones on sale, buy a green widget and get a blue one free. If none of that works, perhaps you need to remember that business is about servicing your customers. Widgets are going out of style, and as a dynamic soul you must transform yourself in order to meet the needs of the collective. Giving up the widget business you spent years building is quite a challenge, but you are not a Widget! You are a dynamic soul and the needs of your customers are a reflection of needs inside of you, needs inside of all of us. If it must be Widgets, why not try Bio-Widgets, Organic Widgets, or Gluten-free Widgets in order to meet the need of a greener trending world. If that idea takes off, don't forget where you got it. (The Naked Astrologer accepts donations via cash, money order or PayPal)

AQUARIUS - I went to your Quantum Metaphysics Blog today and noticed you haven't been posting. I went by the mission where you normally serve me a free meal but you were nowhere to be found. I checked the freezer today and for the first time you must have forgotten to freeze the chocolate and stock the fridge with Schaefer Light. We need you and you are being selfish by withdrawing into your own world. I didn't say that, you said that to yourself, and that is your guilt talking. This week, program that voice in your head to say thank you Aquarius, for your selfishness is the very service we need. What good is your service if people don't learn how to serve themselves and others from your example. Isn't that why you do it? Enjoy your week returning to the quiet source within you, where you are coming up with brilliant ideas that you cant reach when surrounded by clingons and parasites.

PISCES - You dream this week that you are swimming out to sea with a boat of lifeguards coming after you, yelling for you to stop. Suddenly you find yourself drowning! Once the lifeguards get there and jump in after you, they find the water too strong to overcome and they begin to drown themselves. Pisces, you tend to forget that your drowning is an act, and you uphold it because it is the only way others can relate to you. They are unable to swim to the depths that you reached, but your purpose was to bring them there, to push the boundaries of our comfort level in exploring the oceanic depths of our unconscious. We need you this week, and this moon cycle especially, to drop the mirror that reflects us drowning. The world is ready to see an example of how deep we are capable of going. Do what you must to get us there, but be ready to reverse your role and reveal your true self once we reach our destination

Naked Insight for 9/26/11: Pluto! You can run but you cant hide Naked Insight for 9/26/11: Pluto! by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, hello there my special cuddly friends; at least cuddly compared to the entities I just encountered on my latest astral trip.

Today's insight is to remind you that you are not separate from any living entity in this world. You may have hundreds of different varieties of relationships. Some are your lovers, some are your cuddle partners, some are your competitors, some are your enemies, some are your teachers, some are your students. There are many many ways in which we can see ourselves reflected. The truth is that you must integrate all of them into your sphere on your journey home. Home is where we are all one. The concept of a permanent hell that some religions preach to exist is completely false. Nothing is permanent in this universe. Even the Deitys that some of you pray to for guidance, they are not permanent. The universe itself will once again enter a period called Pralaya, or latency which can be made analogous to your sleep.

As much as some want to believe so deeply in the power of their own ego, this is the truth. We are nothing without our assignment to a higher purpose, which is never self-serving. We are nothing without others to perceive that we exist. We are all one great integrated body. Saturn energy deals with the illusion of crystallization into a monadic structure. Through Jupiter, humans find common purpose with others and expand their body to include those that resonate easily with their energy. The energy of Pluto always forces us to integrate oppositional or unconscious energy. Pluto is the planet that governs true transformation. It is the shedding of the skin of the serpent, as we move from life to life perceiving ourselves as separate. Our skin sheds because we can no longer hold on to the perception of the ego personality.

When Pluto is in heavy influence, we are met with a crisis of the ego. Our old Saturnine structures are broken down, and we find through Jupiter we are able to expand ever further because we now encompass more of the great oneness than we did before. We must integrate each other before we return home. Until that day, we will continue to reincarnate, each time with a new body and a new set of circumstances. Eventually we will remember, and we will love all and be transformed. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Naked Insight for 9/25/11: Sun/Uranus opposition Naked Insight for 9%2F25%2F11%3A Sun%2FUranus opposition by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, so wonderful to see all your naked faces. After today's insight, I would love for some of you to join me and my hottie on a trip to sample some of the natural hot springs of the united states west coast. I have a car load of freshly picked grapes and blackberries that I just got done picking. You are welcome to ride along and partake in the physical pleasures of this world you have here.

Today, I would like to talk with you about the Sun in Libra reaching an opposition to Uranus in Aries, a sign in which it has powerful esoteric influence. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, and given this is deals with powerful synchronicities and sudden meetings of a divided mind or consciousness. Typically this occurs on a collective dimension unconscious to the individual. When Uranus entered Aries, there was a great increase in the intensive weather patterns of the planet earth. Think of the earth as the living entity that she is. Intense weather often destroys whatever we have done to compromise its original state, or perhaps even its future intended state for itself! The earth herself lives with a Libran balance between the desires and needs of those which inhabit her, and her own need for renewal, replenishment, and return.

How does this compare to yourself? Experiences of Uranus will bring patterns of change that bring you back to a state that has become unconscious, and this state is always revealing of the authentic self. Through the Sun in Libra, we balance the needs of the self and the needs of our soulgroup through compromise. We are rarely in prefect balance here, as the lessons of Libra and Aries are often rooted in domination and submission, followed by independence and compromise.

It is ironic that Uranus, a planet that brings such rebellion and change is also a planet of service, for this planet functions on a higher level of awareness in which we are all one. The compromise enacted in Libra is not always for the good of the group. In fact, in your world, there are many groups that are held together by selfish and fear based motives. It takes the Uranian individuals of this planet to bring about reform that is at first rebellion before it becomes restructured for the good of the group consciousness.

The opposition of the Sun in Libra and Uranus in Aries gives us all of this. At best, Uranus provides a renewal of original source in which each of us is of equal creative importance, and the Libran compromise can help produce systems and structures that become a platform for more group consciousness. A great example is your current protests on wall street expressing the need to change an economy structured only to serve a small percentage of people. The economy is meant to serve the collective consciousness, not some small group of humans. If humans are not ready to integrate this polarity, then the opposition of the Sun and Uranus can bring about war in which one party will eventually be forced to submit to the dominance of the other. Your world is moving away from one of fear and control into one with a greater respect and love for all of life. I hope that I can be of some assistance to that end. The blog has a link providing more information on the protests mentioned here and how you can help bring about balance to the situation.

Until tomorrow, Love, Awareness, Truth, and Astrology!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy First Day of Fall! Happy First Day of Fall by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, I must have fallen. The emptiness around me represents my unconscious. I have made a transformation into a dimension that is completely new. On the first day of fall, I have fallen. My soul birthed a new body, this new body, and now I must find myself again through the matrix of this unconscious reality.

Hello there!

Ah, hello! I am the Naked Astrologer. Who are you?

I am your mother in this new reality. I desire to give life to everything that you wanted in your previous incarnation, before the Fall into this one. I embody all of this desire by the way that I care for you. As a soul, how strongly do you desire to create the idea that you chose to create? Where are you on the stage of this creation? Is your soul destroying previous desires and ideas in order to make way for the new ones, or are you clear and ready to channel your creativity? My nurturing attributes resonate with your needs to accomplish your souls task at hand.

Ah, and because I am a soul in a new identity, I only become conscious of the attributes of my soul through the relationships I develop in this life?

Hello son, that is correct. I am your father, the embodiment of the way. I share with you the structured method of how to get where you want to go. However, over time you will learn that I embody much of the ways you went about creating in the past. I will teach you in this lifetime the fears that you have had, and through me you must face them and reform your own conception of the way. When you do this, your father in your next incarnation will embody these.

And you will have a mother that resonates with this renewed energy. We are here to teach you about who you are because we are you.

Ah, yes, I am becoming more conscious. The insight for the first day of Fall is this. When you plant your seed in relationship, you become surrounded by all that you are, including the many facets of the self which are unconscious. Our relationships provide as valuable insights into our self awareness as deep contemplation and meditation. Do both everyday, and you will be on the path to full awareness as to who you are. Until tomorrow, Love, Awareness, Truth, and Astrology!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its the Last Day of Summer! Insight of the Day 9/22/11 by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, hello there. As you probably know, today is the last day of Summer. The Sun crosses the vernal equinox at precisely 4:06 am central time tomorrow morning. If you have not listened to yesterdays insight on the symbolism of fall, then the time is now to do so.

People, very much like trees, reach the physical apex of outward growth and expression through the summer. They bear the fruit of their creativity, the quality of the fruit only to themselves being the intuitive test of whether you are creatively aligned with your path. By now, you should have cleansed yourself of all the residual programming that robs you of your creative expression.
Monsanto Corporation is attempting to metaphysically poison your inner creative fruits, and they must be stopped. they must be stripped naked and exposed to be inadequately fit to serve, and forced back to the drawing board of life. they have nothing to offer.

Tomorrow, on the first day of fall, it is all about what you have to offer. Today, I will find a beautiful tree and sit with my baby, my hottie with the sexy body, and feed her the fruits that I picked from the trees of TruthVille, and the fruits in my heart that represent my creative seed.

Until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Closing in on Fall Equinox Insight of the Day 9/21/11 by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, so wonderful to see you all here. Today I would like to share a bit about the symbolism of the coming Fall, and how Spring and Summer are preparatory times for this.
Many lifetimes ago when the Naked Astrologer was incarnate on earth, I was enjoying an organic fruit salad with my hottie on September 22nd under the shade of a great oak tree. As we fed each other grapes and nibbled each others earlobes, we talked for hours on the significance of Fall. As we meditated on this significance, suddenly a baby squirill dropped to the ground from one of the limbs of the tree. The mother was quickly after the baby, who was killed instantly from the fall, and she scampered off to bury her offspring that never developed further in that particular incarnation. At Virgo, a crisis before the transference at the Fall Equinox occurs once again, just as it did in Pisces before the Spring Equinox.

The squirill fell out of the tree as a seed, a seed from the mother that scurried to bury her fallen offspring. Death is not necessarily literal, as the death of the offspring represents a transference of the energy from the self to the soul, which continues to transfrom and reincarnate through the power of our creative desire. The crisis of Virgo is that we reap what we sow. The personality reaches an apex of development in which it is fully aware of itself as a creator of the reality within which he lives, and that he is giving birth to the future just as the Spirit gave birth to him at Spring Equinox.
Do you see the law of karma at work here? Look at the symbol of the Sun behind me. The dot in the center is You, surrounded by a reflection of all that you are. The quality of your service is reflected in your relationships and in your environment. This is the fall, or put another way, it is the transference.

Just before the Fall, in Virgo whcih is the final sign of subjective awareness, you must make adjustments. Are you fully fulfilled or are you happy? If you are not, your issues will become born in the Fall, and you will find yourself not only having to heal yourself, but heal your children and your friends of these issues. Follow your bliss and Be who you want to be surrounded by! Until tomorrow, Love, Awareness, Truth, and Astrology!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Neptune: Where you can lose yourself or find redemption Naked Insight of the Day 9/20/11 by The Naked Astrologer

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People ask me what of the creations of earth people inspire me, if anything. I would have to say the smooth music of the late 70s and early 80s. Artists such as Christopher Cross, Micheal McDonald, and Lionel Richie to name a few, did much to raise the collective vibration with their music.
Music taps into a sea of creative energy that can bring us to a particular place and time within our own spectrum of experience. While the Sun primarily is thought of as the energy of the creative force, and the moon the objective manifestation of that creative potential, it is the planet Neptune which is at the heart of the Solar creativity.

The planet Neptune brings us to the ocean of all that has been created and ever will be. Neptune brings us beyond the Saturnine boundaries of time. On the darker side, we can drown in the sea of past potential lost, and vibrate with music and creativity that holds the vibration of fear and loss. The truth is that everytime we draw a vibration out of the sea and hold it, it is ours to transform. On the brighter side, Neptune is considered to be the planet of redemption. Everyday we reclaim our creative control over our own destiny, the past merely a benchmark between where we have been or where we are, and where it is we want to go. Also, what we recreate is stored in the etheric realm and is what we call Akasha. Through this, you add to the living library of all that has been experienced, and you yourself raise the collective vibration just as Dennis DeYoung and Kenny Rogers once did with their music! Now, would anyone like to join me on an astral trip to Neptune today? Ill see you tomorrow for another naked insight, and until then, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!

Monday, September 19, 2011

What is Astrology? Naked Astrologer Insight of the Day Sept 19, 2011 by The Naked Astrologer

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Astrology is perhaps the most powerful tool for this kind of deepened self awareness. Astrology is the study of life cycles, which includes not only the cycles of the outer planets and the earth, but the cycles of the inner psyche which effect your subjective perspective, the relationships you choose, your emotional state, and your peak experiences of transformation. Astrology uses these cycles to tell us when unconscious aspects of ourselves will be triggered and become manifest in our lives. For this reason, Astrology has become the primary tool for the field of unconscious psychology. It was the works of depth psychologist Carl G. Jung that demonstrated Astrology's power in terms of giving significance to synchronicity, transformative or life altering experiences, or changes in behavior as a reflection of unconscious factors.

Astrology is a spiritual art because it brings us into awareness of our unconscious. Through our own cycles of experience, we are able to see our own duality at work, face our own shadow, unveil our unconscious motivations as well as understand the karma at work in our lives. Again, this is the first step towards loving and embracing all of humanity. We are all souls in motion around the great wheel of experience, and we all must experience each stop along the way. In each lifetime, we re experience each stop through our relationships with one another, thus renewing our relationship with our own previous incarnations and perspectives. Astrology proves this with absolute certainty because cyclical transformations of our psyche change our chemistry from one set of relationships to another. We experience this as humans through the chemistry felt when we fall in or out of love, or even through incredible synchronicities of developing an interest and then suddenly meeting many people that share that interest and are able to help you develop it. For these reasons, astrology is a tool for forgiveness, for deeper love, for greater discernment regarding experiences that you need to let go of, and affirmation regarding those that you need to embrace.

Please visit for more information on services, classes and workshops. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Nudity!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Introducing the Naked Astrologer Introduction to the Naked Astrologer by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, hello everyone. I am the Naked Astrologer, and I have come to you from TruthVille with gifts of Love, Truth and insights into the science of Astrology!

Actually, it would be also true to say that you have come to Truthville to visit me. You see, I am you. The handsome naked form you see before you is an archetype of your unconscious. This is the only form in which you can fully except me as an aspect of yourself.

TruthVille is a archetypal location within you, space and time itself being only an illusion. In Truthville, only the naked truth can exist. Propaganda and information based on an attempt to profit or a fear of loss cannot exist here, for it does not vibrate at a frequency capable of breaking the protective egg in which you now find yourself.

Why am I here? Or why are we here together? The Naked Astrologer's presence in our lives at this time is evidence that we, collective humanity, are ready to embrace a deeper truth. It is time that we become self aware. It is time for each of us to embrace ALL that we find through our deepened self awareness, and forgive and love ourselves completely. This is the only way we will embrace each other and love each other as one. This is the only way home, because we are all one integrated lifeforce, and we must come together in love before we are able to completely shift from the ego/personality centered way of life to that of the Soul.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Naked Astrologer Insight of the Day Sept 16th, 2011 Naked Astrologer Insights for Sept 16th%2C 2011 by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, hello again. I could feel you guys staring at me while i was resting, and i must say, some of you have some very kinky thoughts regarding my naked body. I do not take offense at all, but i am not used to being around energy fields with as much sexual disfunction as you earth people have. But that lesson is for another time. Today, lets talk about the planet Saturn.

The planet Saturn has the reputation for being perhaps the most difficult planetary influences to deal with. I am here to shed a little more light into what Saturn influence truly is.

First, let us examine the fact that Saturns orbit is 29 and one half years around the Sun. Ironically, the Sun and Moon make a complete cycle in 29 and one half days. So when the earth makes a circle around the axis which is its own center 29 and one half times, we have a complete Lunar cycle. When the earth makes a circle around the axis in which the Sun is the center, we have a complete Saturn cycle.

Here in lies the mystery of Saturn. The Sun represents the energy which vitalizes the future unfolding. The Moon gives form to this energy, but utilizes the Past as a basis for the formation. Everyone must come full circle and come face to face with the past in order to move forward with progressive future creation. If you fail to face the past, you will continue to repeat your cycles, whether it be your relationship cycles or your financial cycles or your service cycles, there is a vulnerability in your life that is rooted in past lives. Saturn is what we call The Guardian of the Threshold, and to move past him means to overcome fear and limitation not based on him, but based on past life conditioning from which you were formed. Once this is done, the light of the Sun creates without inhibition, and self mastery is achieved. While it can be quite challenging, the Naked Astrologer is always here to help you through it. If you ever need a personal reading, you may email me at naked also there are some earth people building a website for me that you can visit soon. you will find me at i hope to hear from some of you. Until tomorrow. Love, astrology, truth, and nudity!