Thursday, January 29, 2009

The cycle of Venus and Uranus

I mentioned in a previous blog that I went a bit out of order by coupling Venus with Neptune and Pluto before Uranus. First, I would like to explain this.
We can couple Jupiter and Saturn as collective planets. Jupiter represents our motivation to expand into the collective consciousness and leave our seeds. Saturn represents the extent to which this is possible, or the physical factors that are available to make expansion possible, thus also representing the limitation of growth within a given life. It is what you have to work with basically. The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called "transpersonal" planets. However, I would place Uranus in a category by itself because in doing so it will help you to understand the nature of Uranus. You see, it wants to be by is the very essence of "standing out". With Neptune and Pluto, we are touched by archetypes of humanity, stretching the boundaries of who we are into what is, was and what always has been. We touch planes of consciousness in which we "lose ourselves", and when we reach Pluto, truly begin to lose ourselves by joining energetic forces with another, or a group, for which the ego dies and is reborn into a collective body.

On one dimension of thought, you can view Uranus as the opposite of Pluto. The reasons for this thought which can be demonstrated mathematically is for another blog, but for now, we remember that Pluto is the death and rebirth of the ego through collision with another soul or group of souls. Uranus is breaking away from all that is not the "SELF",and fully feeling the power of INDIVIDUATION. Uranus reflects what makes our soul truly unique. It is who we truly are. As we walk in life, much of our values (Venus) that we carry are circumstantial. We may value a car in this life because we have no other way to get to work. We may value our relationship with our boss even though we think he/she is a real sack of shit because we are afraid of not being able to meet our own needs without the job. As we brought up with Venus and Saturn, sometimes we learn to "love the one we are with", be it material or personal relationship, because given the limitation of Saturn, we may perceive that is all there is for us, and that we would not be able to have the provisions otherwise to carry on with our at least have someone that gives us a value or something that we can project our value upon.

The cycle of the planets Venus and Uranus give us the opportunity to say I AM..I AM valuable because I am seeks to break free of all limitation of the purity of the souls expression, shedding all of the illusions and falsehood in the life so that life can be enjoyed to the fullest, and ultimately the self worth be truly reflected. In relationships, there is a need for space and freedom, making "open relationships" more likely for the native of heavy aspects. The concept of compromise can be very difficult because the motif is about fully being in SELFHOOD, and thus a successful partner must be able to fully embrace the all encompassing individual of the native. They themselves must be unique enough and open minded to be able to appreciate and understand the freedom loving Venus/ Uranus person.
Natives have a great detest for people who put out false fronts in order to gain popularity or affection. They view these psychological games that people play as a detriment to the honest expression of pure selfhood, and because of this, they value honesty and truth. It is commonly written of Venus/ Uranus natives that their choice of values, be it partnerships, social causes, or possessions, are much for shock value. What is truly important in this case is that they stand out and are REMEMBERED for who they are....for what makes them unique. Natives are very sensitive to humanitarian issues, and to Saturnine regimes that seek to censor any freedom of expression of individuals, social groups, or society at large. Because of this, they can be drawn to intense social movements that rebel against the norm and make sure that the way of being supported has the freedom to express themselves.
One well known astrologer wrote that Venus/ Uranus natives are extremely sensitive to rejection, acting detached or aloof as a defense mechanism. Of course, much of this will depend on the placement and aspects of other planets in the chart, but they seek to expose the truth of their soul. They seek experiences that will allow the full light of individuation to shine forth. Rejection of this light will of course be a blow to the ego of the native.

Initially, at the conjunction of these planets, there is a "fuck it" attitude that seeks to give in to impulse. Why deny yourself an opportunity for an experience that may hold a glimpse of something that truly mirrors your souls calling? For this reason, natives of this conjunction seem to have alot of "guts" in that they draw to themselves relationships and situations that from the perspective of those in the mainstream, will seem unusual or on the cutting edge of thought. They also have a difficult time holding any type of relationship for any extended period of time...and if they do it must be with a very "Uranian" type person as well. They may perhaps become involved in social movements that attempt to tear down the Saturnine standards of our way of life. Natives of this conjunction have a great deal of magnetism because they are different. They can easily become bored of a current situation and shift their tastes and values very quickly. Again, remember that through trial of the many types of people and material trappings that exists...the cause of the change that rebellion and freedom attempts to bring is the revealing of the truest values of the ultimately find the self through the values...through pleasure and relationship.

When we reach the square of Venus and Uranus, lessons are learned the hard way in regards to loss of possession or relationship that, with the initial spark of Uranus, may reflect something special and show potential. However, often things of value (such as relationships) tend to suddenly come into the life like lightening, and just as quickly leave the life.....due much to the nature of the natives inability to commit to anything. At the square the realities outlined above in general description and with the conjunction become more of a crisis. The feeling of rejection and insecurity due to loss mentioned earlier becomes more real, when in fact it is the native that is creating loss and rejection.
This experience is not limited to relationship. Lets give for example, a native of this square living in relative poverty with no car for transportation. They visit a casino and suddenly hit a jackpot, a surprising and different experience to say the least. There is an initial bolt of excitement for the wide variety of things the native can now do with their new found wealth. They may even buy a car and feel the freedom of being able to get around and experience more things. However, there may be something inside the native that says "I don't want to NEED money in order to be happy...I'm too strong and independent of a soul to be like those other sheeps in society that need such things" Well, it wont take long before the native finds a way to lose the money. Maybe they gamble it all back, maybe it gets stolen. Either way, they do not take responsibility for the reality of having the possession, so they create the reality that frees them from the possession. Initially the return to having nothing may feel just as free and exciting as having hit the jackpot. The native may say "Nice, I really valued the simplicity of walking and tuning more into nature and meditation....being free of possessions.." Of course, it wont be long before this reality becomes restricting to some part of the soul that wants to break free from the poverty that gives them less opportunities to HAVE experiences.
This is the dilemma of the square of Venus/ Uranus. If the square is waning, the dilemma becomes less subjective, effecting perhaps an established family and relationships of more permanence. Perhaps a family has to deal with where they fit in the value system of the native with the experience of the native waxing and waning his affections from them.
Natives of these aspects do not always seek new and exciting experiences as is commonly written. They seek the freedom to experience whatever reflects the soul in the moment. They may look back on past relationships with fond memories about what it was in that experience that reflected a particular part of their soul and wish to touch this again. They may put themselves into a career where they have a degree of freedom, like a truck driver for example, that has time to explore the self away from his/ her family, yet during that time may miss what having their family around reflects. When they are with the family, the day to day obligations may cause them to miss the freedom of the road. It is important for the natives not to burn through a relationship, or burn bridges due to the desire to free themselves from a particular moment. If they do they may find their ability to touch the past that reflects them more difficult, memories of these aspects of self ending in rejection and turmoil. Don't be surprised if a native of this aspect surprises you and walks back into your life after several years as they try to reconnect with a part of themselves through you.

At the opposition, we find that the spirit of competition can help the native bring out the best of have the fullest and purest form of their efforts and values expressed and displayed. Through this competition, they must learn to value and appreciate the differences in others as those with whom they compete.
Natives of the opposition have a need to express something that perhaps has had to lie dormant or repressed for a period of time in order to maintain a relationship or something of value in the life. (Something that a native of the conjunction consciously detests). The native can experience this in two different ways. First, they may be the party that feels restricted in a relationship and have a need to experience fulfillment that they perceive they will need freedom, space, or another relationship in order to experience. There may be a fear of loss of the relationship if this need is expressed, or the need itself may lie repressed for sometime, which can have tragic results as often when something is repressed, the subconscious will draw the truth into the life from outside the self. Second, the native can be the "victim" of a partner that seeks to express a part of themselves outside the relationship and doesn't feel that they can fulfill it through the native. More often than not, the latter will be manifested because it will be true both ways, and this will provide the framework for needed communication and compromise. The native must learn to give some space and freedom as well as ask for it. They must learn to COMPROMISE in order to maintain any important relationship or reflection of value.

Experiences in this compromise may go to extremes at first, such as working for a 9 month period and then taking a 3 month vacation where the native blows off steam. The danger we can imagine is when the need to experience the latter for so long causes the native to blow more resources than they can afford...and like the lessons in the square.....losing everything they earned during the 9 month period in order to more fully experience less restriction in the 3 month period. This may put them in a position of having to work harder when they return to the former reality, and this may in turn put them in a more restricted position that will cause them the need to blow off steam even harder the next time they feel freed.

Natives of the strain free sextile and trine aspects are able to compromise well enough to have the unique sense of self fully expressed and appreciated, and are able to draw this out in others by showing appreciation for what makes others unique. The trine natives especially takes joy in being one that supports the sense of uniqueness in others, creating a system of support for their own Uranian expression.
Natives of the inconjunction often feel that they have to sacrifice their own values in order to make way for a partners freedom of expression (such as one partner watching the kids full time while the other goes to school to learn a unique and exciting trade). This goes the other way too when they need to free an aspect of self. Their is an adjustment that is needed in compromise and communication.

In order to achieve fulfillment, ultimately in the self, compromise is necessary. We must learn to walk with a more balanced sense of self, appreciating what is being expressed IN THE MOMENT, realizing that it can never encompass the full spectrum of our expression. We must look forward to the changes of the season within, not with fear that the current reality suppresses them, but allows each to have its season...its time to loudly proclaim its existence. Let us embrace STRUCTURE as merely a framework to fully enjoy the moment that is now before us, for only in its fullest expression is it truly FREE.

Through the cycle of Venus and Uranus, we learn to value and celebrate our diversity. We honor the freedom for each soul to fully express what makes it unique, and in turn become fully individuated within ourselves, in touch with the full spectrum of our own unique sense of self, and thus, what it is that we need in order to express this. We learn to honor the change and need for freedom in others, appreciating that there is more than meets the eye in everyone we meet. If we have a love of trees, but only in the summer time when it is bearing fruit, then we fail to appreciate the value it gives during its other phases. Only in our permanent relationships where freedom is allowed, are we present throughout enough of the cycle to appreciate the full light of their soul. Only in these permanent relationships where our freedom is allowed, do we allow others to see us in all of our phases. Only then are we fully known by those that we love rather than scattered about, only partially known and appreciated by many.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The cycle of Venus and Pluto

You can hang out here naked with me in the wilderness if you wish, but all I have left for food
at this time is the rest of these squirrels I captured and cooked up. I am not in a sharing mood. Find your own fucking animals if your hungry. Why the fuck are you projecting the responsibility onto me?? OK, look, lets just chill out, look at some stars and talk some astrology....anything else and I'm liable to get pissed off.

First, let us revisit the Venetian principle (that which makes our lives easier and more pleasurable, be it material or relationships) in which our wants and our values are projected and reflected.
As it touches Jupiter, it seeks to expand and scatter affections and receive love on grand scales. It loudly proclaims the value system joyously, appreciating and receiving appreciation for its merits. It is in a growth stage
It then touches Saturn, and has had to learn to make a choice as to what is important to value, for if anything is to be truly manifest in this life, one must set boundaries as to what and whom it is to build with. Affection is not so easily expressed or drawn, and the native must learn to truly love the self in order to find what it is that it truly loves, and then work for it...becoming fully grounded into the partnership and endure the journey with all its highs and lows. It is a grounded building stage.
It then touches Uranus, which we have not discussed in this blog in depth, but here we reach not necessarily a growth or a grounding stage, but what we will call an enlightening stage. Where we had to learn to endure and build through relationships with Saturn, now the values of soul yearn to shake free the shackles of restriction and be propelled into motion once again. At Uranus, we learn that the soul eventually moves out of any set of values as we all move in a constant state of evolution...for life itself IS expansion, contraction, and as a new pod of reality is built out of these two (Jupiter/ Saturn), continual motion. With Uranus, we are given insight of the soul.....the relationship needs beyond that of the egos that we experience on the level of Jupiter and Saturn.
We then reach Neptune, where we reach attunement to what we can become...and to the archetypes of what we are becoming with the karma that we create through our actions. Here, we shy away from the confrontations of relationship as we wish not to face the realities of what we are as mere singular beings, instead choosing to associate ourselves with archetypes and heroes of lore. It is at Neptune where we realize that all of these archetypes are reflections of ourselves...some ideal, and some not gives us a vision as to what we have created and written on the walls of Akasha, and reminds us to attune to what we aspire to build as a species.

Now we come to Pluto, the topic of this blog! Pluto can in one way be said to combine the principle of expansion and contraction (Jupiter/ Saturn), however, it truly combines all of these planets by adding MOTION....expanding through Uranus and grounding into the realms of Neptune to REDEFINE and TRANSFORM values and thus relationship and karma.
The Karma of Venus/ Pluto itself represents a crisis point within this overall journey. The native has perhaps lived many lifetimes and has experienced the karma of Venus in cycle with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The native very much understands that the physical world is in some ways a great war of paradigm. It understands the manipulations and how the nature of pure Venus can be used to further and foster the values and needs of any ego. It also understands how much some of these values are on the Ego-level, and having touched Uranus and Neptune, feels a connection to the higher realm of freedom for the ego (Uranus) and attunement to idealism (Neptune). However, this is a crisis because we are dealing with the earth plane, and so initially the way to combat the above is through being the manipulator yourself, under the pretense that control dramas for resources and value sets are a given in any human exchange, so the native of the Venus/ Pluto aspects feels THEY might as well be the one with the upper hand. There is a great compassion for humanity, but also a under the surface feeling of superiority..initially.

Remember what a great teacher the Venus/ Jupiter person can be....couple that with the grounded sense of value and integrity that the Saturn person learns to have, and you have a great leader capable of creating social reform within the value set he/she chooses.

As we begin the cycle at the conjunction, the term OBSESSION comes to mind. We see natives possessed by the desire to experience the deepest of experiences in relationships. The native is driven by the desire for power through expression of sexuality, money, and control dramas in relationships. Because of the intensity of the needs of this native, they seek committed relationships that are prepared to go "All the way"...not only meaning "till death do us part", but also to break down all of the barriers and walls within the relationship and ultimately become ONE. However, the native has control issues of its own, and obsession and compulsion outside of this relationship likely will exist. Their is a double standard here of having another become "One' with the native, but the native becoming"one" with many others as well. Because of this, the native has the charm and ability to make others feel like they are the most important person in the world...yet they at the same time make their other relationships feel that way as well.
The best example I can give of the "double standard" would be using the mob as an example. The mob is a case study in the Venus/ Pluto motif. The members of the mob have an ethics and a code that they do not sway from within the relationships of the group itself. They expect the relationships they have within the core to be honest with each other, yet the very nature of organized crime is to take from others that are on the outside. So, you can see this justification of the double standard come out clearly in the structuring of this. Venus/ Pluto natives create this double standard in their own love lives, often justifying that moving outside the relationship is the only way that they can grow more deeply and intensely within their capacity to experience the ultimate fulfillment in love. However, to communicate that would risk losing and having to let go of the original relationship....of having to relinquish control, quite an issue for the Venus/ Pluto native.

As we move to the square of these planets, we come to a great relationship crisis. Love has guided the native to choose relationships that will be permanent, but in each one the issues that may keep the relationship from reaching the ultimate heights as seen by the native become a breaking point. Here we see a situation similar to a cross between the Venus/ Saturn and Venus/ Neptune square. The native perhaps has drawn a relationship in permanence that they can fully control, yet in being fully in control, they do not have the appropriate mirror perhaps...they are not being challenged on their level. The challenge comes when and if their is a break of having to LET GO of the relationship, watching the partner walk away. Ultimately, there is a TRANSFORMATION of VALUES. Having to let go forces the native to develop within aspects of their consciousness outside of the obsession. Values may be forced to move from the material to the physical, from the physical to the spiritual, and even from the spiritual to the material if the crisis leads to the perception that "God" has wronged the native. The aspiration of the natives of this square is that relationship can be just as intense and powerful without one side having full control over the other. The power is through the exchange of love itself. It is also common for the native to die for the relationship and be the one that has given full control (that in and of itself can be control.....saying "look what I have done and given up for you, now I need you to do this...."). Ultimately, the native has to learn that taking and giving up full control....that dying for another or having them die for you (when I say die, I mean surrendering the ego for the good of the relationship) is not the path necessary to fulfilling relationships. The truth is that BOTH parties need to make the necessary adjustments and sacrifices for each other.

At the opposition, the natives usually transfer that intensive desire for the fullest of relationship into another obsession, or project that love onto someone that they cannot have for some reason, such as a long distance relationship or a person that is unattainable due to sexual orientation (becoming a fantasy). These are excuses of the inability to ultimately have a singular fulfilling relationship. The native has not fully taken the responsibility to do so, maintaining the obsession or the desire without fully reigning it into reality. These natives have intense desires and high standards in their tastes in both relationships and possessions. Even those they have been forced to let go of, they want to hold onto the possibility that they can have that if they ultimately wanted to take responsibility for it, clinging to these people or making sure that there is a link maintained between them and past partners....a link based on needing each other. For those that they decide to let go they do not take these steps, because their ego has justified that those particular relationships are not what their soul needs to have any fulfillment and ultimately any transformation. The value system of those you wish to be committed to must be examined carefully in order to insure that it can endure. Your nature to be intensely attracted to someone can bite you when that person doesn't live up to the idealism ultimately, or cannot practically match your intensity in other areas that are important to you (as experienced in the crisis of the square). If in the above case, fulfilling relationships are not actualized, it is not because they are not intensely desired. The native has put them at arms length to learn about control and desire, and to control the desire. The experiences of the past have caused great sensitivity and FEAR. Ultimately, the objective of the Venus/ Pluto opposition is to absorb or be absorbed by that in which it values, starting at the level of personal relationships and ultimately reaching the "group or collective" level. It is to feel and perceive the deepest value by truly belonging....of ultimately becoming ONE..of transforming the reluctant ego within the individual and becoming greater than what you are by combining energy. This can begin on the level of sex and power, and ends on the highest of spiritual planes.
At the opposition, the crisis of the square has led to a middle ground of fear of the commitment necessary to truly make this happen. The native still wants and seeks out the most real and intense of experiences possible, but is not fully ready to complete the process of AT-ONENESS.

At the highest form of expression with the opposition, the native is a great leader of cause, dying for their paradigm and having fully immersed themselves into the collective consciousness of their particular group, is ready to intensely bear witness and gather those that fit the energetic mold, carrying them forward to the greatest heights that their collective expression will allow.

Natives of the strain-free aspects of Venus and Pluto, such as the sextile and trine,have an inborn understanding of the adjustments that must be made in order to make a successful loving relationship work. With Pluto, the title of the Pat Benetar song"Love is a Battlefield" comes to mind. The strenuous aspects must do the battling before they come to terms with the death and eventual rebirth of the ego through relationships. The strain free aspects have the ability to make the compromises which open themselves to the most fulfilling of relationships.

The inconjunction of these planets, as with all inconjunctions, means a need to make an adjustment in order to facilitate the flow of energies. The native tends to be TOO giving or "killing themselves" and their own ego for the sake of relationship, allowing themselves to be taken advantage of, or they are not yielding enough and expect the other party to do the work first before they do out of fear.

I remember a movie that depicts a good example of the principles of Venus and Pluto at work called "Bridges of Madison County". Initially I found this incredibly ironic because once again, I site a Clint Eastwood movie as an example. So, you can only guess what my next step was......yes, you guessed it...I had to find the astrological chart for Mr. Eastwood, and lo' and behold, he was born with the planet Venus under absolute siege....Venus conjunct Pluto, opposition to Saturn, and square to Uranus (forming what is called a T-square). I cannot remember the details of the storyline since it has been awhile since I have seen the movie, but following a life that gives you the freedom of loving deeply and intensely...ultimately not finding complete fulfillment beforehand is the key here. Meryl Strept called him out on his lifestyle ultimately, and what made the relationship Plutonic in nature was the level of intensity and its potential to bring the two to an At-Oneness. Their was a line a seem to remember along the lines of moving from love to love or reality to reality, as if it was all a journey to the heart of Meryl Strept's character. This gives us the image of the snake shedding its skin through experiences over and over again as it moves and transforms itself through relationships (THIS IS THE PERFECT SYMBOL FOR VENUS/ PLUTO)....ultimately, as we brought out in the square aspect above, the two were transformed but also had to "let go" due to circumstances. (This hard reality really demonstrates the Saturn dimension of Pluto's experience as well).

Through the cycle of Venus and Pluto, we are placed on the battle ground of egos, having lived many lives and experienced many relationships. We realize that the battle is really the expression of our ego consciousness and its desire for true love...its desire to be truly valued and to be a part of something greater than what we are as singular beings. It is here where we experience the most complete spectrum of relationship experiences. Letting go of powerful relationships that we merge with is a part of this experience, because ultimately one of the key lessons is that once we are one, we are always connected....the concept of "ownership" or having power over another is merely an illusion and comes about out of fear.

Through the complete dance of, war, acceptance, rejection, trial and error, we merge with our fellow brothers and sisters. We become one life, one body, one mind.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The cycle of Venus and Neptune

You notice a trend? We are moving through the different cycles of Venus, starting with the outer planets and moving out...although we seemed to skip Uranus, but I did that on purpose since Uranus exists much on its own. Jupiter and Saturn are somewhat of a pair, and Neptune and Pluto are as well. We will finish the discussion of these first after I finish this two day old organic chicken breast and get some fucking clothes on...I'm freezing, plus the helicopters have been circling around this field so we may need to walk and find a new place to set up camp....we will discuss some astrology along the way....

When we die, where do we go? Energy never dies, it only changes form, and so prior to changing form, do we go back to a collective pool of undifferentiated energy? If we reincarnate into another form, what comes of our work in previous lives? What becomes of our value system that our soul has built, and does this effect the choices our soul makes as to the parents we choose in the next life? or the set of circumstances that we are born into? Are these a reflection of our values? of the very relationships that we need to continue to learn and grow from as a continuum from the previous life?
The answer to this is yes, and because of this, there always seems to be something "otherworldly" about the relationships and circumstances in the Venus/ Neptune person.

However, there is something quite "otherworldly" about the native of intensive Venus/ Neptune aspects....

Seemingly having a foot in both worlds, Venus/ Neptune natives are extremely creative and gifted souls. They are perhaps brilliant musicians, writers, or artists. They are extremely sensitive souls, and because of their connection to this other plane, see "God" in practically everyone. If they themselves fully embody the archetype, they may be talented people filled with love but channeling that love to humanity rather than one person through their work (music, art, writing, etc)...thus not truly ever entering into any intensive one on one relationships. If they do, their great sensitivity can make it challenging, as they may project onto others archetypes or their pure selves rather than the reality that they truly exist in. Because of this, Venus/ Neptune people can be seemingly in some kind of fantasy world, and lack touch with reality.

On the other end of the spectrum, they themselves can be victims of projection of these archetypes from other people. We see this all the time as people tend to project onto artists and movie stars. They place them on pedestals and live vicariously through them...projecting sometimes a different set of standards..of VALUES that although they may be incapable of living by, the object of their projections or affections should be able to live by them.

The cycle of Venus and Neptune provides an opportunity to work out karma through a renewed sense of idealism and attunement to the creative plane. Along the cycles path, it holds checks and balances for the conflict between idealism or fantasy and reality. Through heightened sensitivity, the native can provide a universal medium of communication that brings compassion and understanding to all matters of relationship, or they can attune themselves to these communications and through this, realize that no matter where they are in their own cycle of relationship or values, that within the collective consciousness lies the vibration of their highest aspirations, of their highest romantic idealism....and because it always exists there as a flash or tone from the akashic records....they are never alone for everything within them that they love exists everywhere.

Given this, the true purpose of this cycle is to embody the highest ideal within find the ideal appreciate the self for what it is worth on higher, metaphysical a great healer, a great lover, a channel for Universal Light that we all are.

At the conjunction of these planets at the highest level, natives begin to see that the patterns of circumstances in relationship that they find themselves has a mirror in archetypes; in the stories of mythology and fairytales, they find played out the dramas of their own lives. They may recognize that there are 1000 songs that sing about precisely the patterns of their own relationship...they find authors from psychology to fantasy that write in such a way where they feel understood only through these mediums. They themselves have the ability to express themselves through music, art, or writing. They are sensitive and have a much easier time expressing in this way then in face to face confrontations, which they avoid. The cycle begins with the recognition that we are truly not alone in our karma, for our pattern of karma is universal.

At the collective level, the native can feel somewhat like a stranger in a strange land of deceptive souls that just don't live up to their high level of romantic idealism. Others see a somewhat innocent, pure and spiritual soul that can be swooned and even taken advantage of, however depending on the other aspects, this "charm" can be turned on purposefully in order to manipulate. If this is the case, the natives will forever be disappointed in the nature of "earthly" relationships. They have an opportunity to realize they have a gift of sensitivity, perhaps some psychic ability, and they can use this to inject hope into the world and be the person that they value in the realm of fantasy, and not use these talents to deceive.

At the square, the native reaches a crisis point in which he/she needs to be held in check as to not become possessed by the idealism or archetypes, and by this becoming disillusioned within the self. For example, a native can feel that their other worldliness and values sets them apart from a lonely spiritual hermit, but this is only a defense mechanism to protect themselves from seeing themselves reflected in others...this is a truth this native does not want to see. They cannot take the fact that perhaps they are just like everybody else and have alot of work to do to reach idealism. SELF HONESTY is the keyword here. The native has perhaps manipulated themselves into thinking that they are the men and women of their fairytales.
This can also go completely the other way, as others are seen to embody this, and thus the native draws relationships that are not what they seem. In this way, they have the ability to be taken by scams that promise them something grand, especially if it is for a "good" or "humane" cause. In time, the native is to learn something about karma...about the fact that their own disillusionment within draws it to themselves without. This is not an easy path to self enlightenment.

When the two planets reach opposition, the height of achievement is to create an expression, perhaps through music, writing or the arts, that allows a free flow of your otherworldly insights and values to come into form. The native can learn much about him/herself by how others are made to feel and are transformed by their work. Eventually it is the native themselves that needs to meditate on the symbols and messages in their own work. This allows them to more deeply understand the type of person they want to embody, and they can work towards their truths rather than being possessed by an extreme example of their truth in archetype form that is impossible to live up to. Incredibly talented and sensitive, Venus/ Neptune opposition natives have the ability to channel an archetype through themselves, using this as a teaching tool for others.
The worst of the opposition is when the native has not assimilated one of the planetary influences, either Venus or Neptune, and embodies one or the other, drawing relationships that may embody the other planet. In this, they perhaps become the kept woman who marries a man in which they fall for all of his idealism, when in reality he is married to multiple women and she becomes a mere pawn in this man's play. This is an embodiment of the Venetian archetype in OPPOSITION to the Neptune archetype. The opposite of this would be the deceptive one of the two. A person possessed by many desires and does not have any idea who they really are. They may be the one that marries multiple partners and sells each of his/her "pawns" on idealistic fantasies that he of course could never deliver on.

Overall, the opposition of these planets is a setup to learn the TRUTH about the SELF by seeing what can happen when one is not fully grounded in themselves and their own sense of values. In this plane of reality, we often either walk with self deception or allow deception to enter our lives because we want so very much to believe in the VALUES that some of our heroic archetypes embody. As humans, we have to embrace fully where we may fall short of these, own up to this and do our best to walk with these values by grounding into our own honesty and integrity.

The strain free aspects such as the sextile and trine of these two planets bring about great creative inspiration and the ability to use this to solve problems, for both the self and humanity at large. The natives are comfortable with being projected upon, for they understand how to take that projection as an opportunity to inspire and encourage higher forms of idealism and expression in others.
The inconjunction must make adjustments between these insights and reality to avoid going to far off the deep end and losing touch with reality, thus drawing deception and or heavy expectations by allowing projection from others to go on too long.

Through the cycle of Venus and Neptune, we maintain a foot inside the living library of all that is was and will be....the records where the archetypes of all of our values and expressions lie. By tapping into these, we are able to understand on a deeper level the patterns that possess us, and through our love and creativity, continue to draw our own image upon the akashic records from which we draw inspiration. What is it that we wish to draw? What we draw will be the values and relationships that our children will draw from in their dreams...finding its way into their writings...their artwork....their fairytales.

Venus/ Saturn revisited and Gran Torino

While laying here naked in the backwoods of Oregon trying to find the stars through the thick fucking trees while eating a bowl of cherrios with chocolate hemp milk, I began to think back on yesterdays blog on Venus and Saturn, and realized I may have been a bit extreme in my interpretation, and wanted to add a bit to it.

The beautiful thing about the Venus and Saturn relationship, and those that are natives of the intensive aspects of this, is their capacity to love and endure in loving relationships through all. I stated in the article that due to early childhood development, a feeling of being unloved and under appreciated can develop. The native feels he/she must EARN love through following through with what can be perceived to be EXPECTATIONS.

The process of dealing with the above can go one of two directions. Either the person can withdraw into a feeling of being unloved, or they can give love unconditionally to those that they do care about..usually a select few, and often in doing so put themselves in a position of being taken advantage of.

Both of these expressions seem to be opposing dramas, but seek to have the same effect...and that is to somehow ultimately draw that loving relationship to the self. The psychological profile of the latter example holds on ultimately to the value that they know how to love and endure anything through their capacity of love. They are ultimately learning how recapture the self worth through these ultimately learning do drop their fear and choose those that are truly worthy of their love. They are PROVING to themselves THROUGH others that they have great VALUE.
The former, or aloof withdrawal, has grown exhausted of the perception of ephemeral love and may even believe that it doesn't exist. They seek to have others PROVE TO THEM that they are worth valuing by finding value in them.
I wrote in the former article of the feeling that love comes and goes, that the purpose of relationships outlive their course and this can be frightening to the native of Venus and Saturn. The truth is that their are alot of relationships that do come and go, and where are the Venus/ Jupiter native gets great pleasure out of this, Venus/ Saturn natives are more concerned with those that have longevity, that can endure the tests of hardships and time. There is trial and error through the lifetime in lessons of relationship, and in the way of the above example, they are often one sided with one person on either side doing all of the loving or receiving all of the love....embodying the Venus and Saturn archetype respectively. It is from here that the concept of paying for love gets tied in, whether this be the extreme of prostitution or doing great work in order to please the boss, or doing the chores in order to please the all of these cases the value is defined in the short term on both sides of the equation.

In the end, through great endurance and in TIME, Venus/ Saturn will draw and find the souls that they feel match them in integrity, endurance and value...where energy exchanges more evenly without the feeling of being taken or having to take in fear. These relationships will have been truly earned, and better yet, they will be greatly worth it.

Yesterday I went to see the new Clint Eastwood movie "Gran Torino". I found Clint's character to be a great example of the Venus/ Saturn in strenuous aspects. His character in the movie is an old school war vet who has withdrawn into his own world, clearly demonstrating that he feels that the worlds value system is changing for the worst, leaving him as an island unto himself. As the movie progresses, we see a softer Venetian side to his character through pictures of his deceased wife and his stories of things that were worth fighting for....we see that capacity to may not be easy or very many that he expressed this love to, but when he found someone who he could share his values with and who could appreciate them, the love was a solid one. In the movie, along came a young troubled boy who although tried to steal from Clint, was a "tabula rosa" that ultimately Clint saw needed help, and circumstance led to him helping him. He took on the role of the strict Saturnine father, giving him discipline as his way of expressing friendship, yet the relationship took on a whole new level when the young boy looked him in the eye and told him how much he APPRECIATED what Clint was doing. The irony in the movie was that even relationships that had lasted a long time such as Clint's family, didn't hold this place in his heart because of the separation of the value system. Clint himself instilled in the boy a value system that he could appreciate, and in the end, ultimately sacrificed his very life for his new friend.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The cycle of Venus and Saturn

As I lay here in this Oregon field naked (and freezing my ass off, but at least not getting rained on), I look up at the stars and contemplate the nature of the cycle of Venus with the next planet in line...Saturn. Come lay with me naked, share some stale cinnamon Life cereal with me, and let's talk for a bit on the nature of these two planets and their cycle.

Once again we are dealing with the planet Venus, which represents that which makes our lives
more valuable and pleasurable, including material possessions as well as relationships and the
expression of love and appreciation. Today we are coupling this planet with Saturn, which
represents the principle of contraction. Saturn grounds us into reality and forces us to face the truth as well as our fears. Unlike Jupiter, which allows for expansion and abundance of intention, Saturn forces us to be aware of our intention, to be responsible for it, and if it is truly our desire, to earn it.

Through the nature of the cycle of Venus and Saturn, we must face issues of self worth. We must face necessary controls and adjustments on how we spend our TIME, this being a measuring tool for what we value. We must continually make adjustments and come to a point of a balanced sense of values, and ultimately a healthy and well grounded self worth. This is primarily done through lessons in relationships.

Venus/Saturn tends to place a defined and exact value upon each relationship, unlike the Jupiter combination where value was extracted for the pure pleasure of it, and ultimately scattered out out of addiction to this pleasure. The saying "You cant buy love" may not sit well with the native of this planetary karma. They would ask "Why not? All love is really just grounded into a practical exchange of resource....a you scratch my back, Ill scratch yours type of exchange".
It is interesting that this aspect is often found in men that frequent prostitutes, as well as many prostitutes themselves. It is logical however, given the fact that there is a defined exchange of goods and resources for exchange of affection or the perception of love. This is especially true with the world of BDSM and domination, as the natives have found a way to equate pleasure with restriction and discipline.

So what is really at play with this above exchange? What leads a soul to feel that he/she must pay, or trade a good or service for love and affection. Certainly the example of prostitution is extreme, but it is appropriate and a most pure expression of this dilemma. Venus/ Saturn natives have issues with understanding that they are valuable; that they are loved.

This always goes back to the experiences of early childhood, and usually always involves the father. The father in key points in the cycle of these planets was often seen as cold, distant, unloving, or at the very least, himself struggling with self worth enough to damage the child's receipt of this. The father also could have placed unbelievable demands on the child. Either way, the child is put in a position of having to PROVE his/her value in order to acquire affection. Perhaps in most cases, some sort of reward/ discipline system of punishment was set up, and usually as is the case with this native, the expectations were high. The child learned that he/she must do X before positive reinforcement is given. This is similar to a monetary exchange for goods. What must truly be understood is that usually, the father or parent in question is at a crisis point in his own values. He may be struggling to express his values into the world at large in order to produce money for his family, and in doing so is not appropriately balancing the distribution of his attention and affections towards his family. Often the case in this aspect is that the native is truly loved, but he/ she does not feel fully loved and appreciated. Even if there was a good degree of love, the value system in the home may be dominated by troubled parents trying to balance and create their own values, leaving the new values that the child came into this world with unnurtured.

Because of this lack of balance, there comes a belief in the observation that love and affection is ephemeral; that it comes and goes in cycles. There is anticipation in it coming but fear of the period when it wanes and is not there in abundance. Not only is this true for relationships, but also spills over into the realm of resources. Venus/Saturn natives must work extremely hard for material comforts, and there is a fear that there will not be enough at times. Resources often become substitutes for relationships, and when they become substitutes, the loss of resource once again forces the native to adjust its value system and learn that you cannot put too much value into material things. The problem with Venus/ Saturn natives is they can carry the belief that you cannot put too much value into ANYthing or ANYone (they never felt that they were valued for who they are enough).

With these the two planets in conjunction, there comes the opportunity or TIME to demonstrate VALUE.... to show others and the collective at large what you as a soul have come to express. The "packaging" of this expression becomes a factor of importance, for others may not be open to what makes you "valuable" as a person if the package doesn't sit well with them. Commonly we may think of how someone dresses, but it also can deal with prejudice such as not being fully heard because of race or sex. Imagine a homeless man that hasn't showered for weeks trying hard to demonstrate his value (Venus) to the world by trying to get work (Saturn), and ultimately once again establish some sort of social status (again Venus).

The issue here is, unlike the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, where appreciation was shown and drawn easily, value must be PROVED...and with this a real feeling that love and affection are truly conditional in this world rather than a birthright. Natives of this aspect may find that they are under appreciated in the work place, and may draw bosses that reflect that father as they spend their career trying to impress him and get noticed. There is a tendency as well to be attracted to older men in the case of women. Security is extremely important, and finding an older man who represents this security also provides an opportunity to regain the self worth that may have been damaged early from a cold or detached father.

Although there is a fear regarding security (manifestation of not having enough in the way of material is a reflection of not having enough in the way of love and affection...and the former can also compensate for the other in this aspect), there is a great opportunity to learn on a deeper level what it is that makes each of us valuable. As we learn what we value, what others value, and what makes us valuable, we can ground into a cooperative focus in order to build towards our dreams and visions through serious partnerships. In the meantime, more often than not, the native of the conjunction either contracts within the self and builds a protective wall to protect themselves from relationship, or they tend to give everything in order to please the other's values while seemingly having no value system of their own, as if they have learned that they are not as important.

At the square of these two planets, we come to a crisis point where becoming an "island amongst yourself" will no longer suffice. The energy of relating to others and being related to reaches a point of tension of much so that the native can put a wall up shutting people out..because they also feel that others have shut themselves out from relating to them...again a byproduct of not feeling appreciated for VALUE at a young age. Sexually, natives of the square tension of these planets often experience impotency, or the inability to let go and have an orgasm. They may fully shower a partner with affection and give love but shut themselves off from receiving it
Understanding that a relationship takes time to fully develop...these aspects are about moving slowly through the process of building and forming a successful relationship by allowing others to know us..allowing them in.

The tension of this square thus causes experiences in which the native puts all his energy into the security of his work, feeling like he is doing all he can to please a hard to please boss, and in the end is fired...losing everything he feels he has. This experience can happen in relationships as well as material possessions we value. Loss teaches us to adjust our values. Think of the people that lost their homes in the hurricanes in the gulf..everything they owned gone. We can just hear about it and realize how they would look at each other differently, showing appreciation and value for the simplest things in life that they took for granted. It took this kind of CRISIS to being them back to balance. The square of Venus and Saturn can create this kind of balance.

Venus/ Saturn people can be extremely loyal with a great deal of integrity. The value system of our world can undergo a great deal of scrutiny by the natives of these aspects. They have a great disdain for people who don't value what they perceive as important, loving family values. Can you see as well that some of this is a projection of pain in which they themselves experienced as a child?

At the opposition, we face the father head on in the world at large. At the square, we either have fully grounded into our self value and found a practical application for this value in a relationship and career where others can appreciate it and see it applied, or the native truly feels ignored and practically useless...everywhere a projection of the cold and unloving father. Ultimately, the father needs to be understood as a person that was trying to build up his own sense of lost values. It is difficult for a child to be in a position to have to build up the father's self image with unconditional love, but the Venus/ Saturn child, or even father himself, has the opportunity for this experience. Competition for parental affection at an early age can lead to external compensation for value in adulthood....a person perpetually projecting value into another or avoiding relationships all together and instead finding value in something material...building a business and becoming successful but shutting out love all together (in this way either embodying the Venus archetype or the Saturn archetype)

Through the energies of Venus and Saturn, we have the opportunity to break down the walls of protection from relationship by finding and demonstrating our value. It is through great trial and often pain that we finally come to terms with this value and fully love the self. Remember that we have no value without others that are valuable, for none of us live in a vacuum. As the father is generally regarded as the first person to provide us with a set of values in the world, to guide us and help give us an integrity and work ethic, thus learning how the world will respond to our value. If he is absent emotionally or even physically, then we must find that archetype by holding true to who and what we maintaining a high degree of self integrity.

The Venus/ Saturn natives are strong souls with a great deal of integrity and love inside of them. They are strong enough to take the hard lessons of criticism, and the perspectives of a often cold, unloving world and transform it in such a way as to eventually love the self more, and in turn love and forgive others. Being "devalued" is a way to put the back against the wall and force the soul to have a voice, to compete for value in order to value and be valued. Perceiving that one does not have enough air will only force them to breathe more deeply. The same goes for those that feel unloved. Ultimately they will dig deeper and deeper, and realize that it was all around them, and within them all along.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The cycle of Venus and Jupiter

The planet Venus represents that which we draw in order to make our lives easier and more pleasurable. This includes both material possessions that help automate our lives, as well as relationships with people that reflect a joy of living and give physical reality true meaning. We chose to incarnate on earth for a reason. Venus represents that reason as pleasure and enjoyment.

Jupiter represents the principle of expansion. It is motivation to grow and prosper. It represents the capacity for whatever reality it touches to expand into truth or law as the natives "truth" ripples throughout humanity. All spirits live in their own reality, and often there are others that share this reality. The relationship between Venus and Jupiter dictates the cycles of one's truth and its relationship with others that either share this truth or are in some form of polarity to it. The nature of these planets is usually very positive, and when Venus and Jupiter come together, the chances of an idea or thought taking hold and expanding into a reality of a more stable truth is greater.

The cycle of the above two planets then, at the highest form of expression, would make for great teachers and communicators that are capable of sharing what it is that they value, drawing relationships that share the joy and appreciation for this value, and through "spreading" the seeds of this joy, eventually hope and maintain motivation that this value will become a forever part of the value system within the universal whole....that it will become a part of truth. Jupiter deals with universal law, philosophy and the realms of higher learning. The Venetian principle adds a love for this and a value, as well as a charm and gift for sharing it.

However, in our day and age, the purity of planetary expression is rarely the collective consensus. As we begin the cycle of Venus and Jupiter with a conjunction, we find most natives of this aspect to be quite self indulgent and their values driven to acquiring material comforts. These material comforts allow them to "automate" their mundane lives so that they never have to miss out on the abundance of social and pleasurable opportunities. There is a great charm and social grace as well as an outstanding ability to communicate. Natives of this aspect or most aspects of these planets make great teachers, directors of social causes, or in the field of travel. They are easily taken advantage of because of their generous and giving nature. However, they are this way partially because they have a great need to feel valued and appreciated as much as they seem to value and appreciate others...however scattered this energy may be. Most all relationships that this native enters begins with the "sky's the limit"feeling, all part of usually an unconscious desire to procreate the value system, religious belief, and ultimately the self. These natives make great "Witness bearers" to any religious institution they value, however they will do so with grace and tact and show appreciation for what it is that you value if your differ from theirs...but this is much of the trait that enables them to draw so many that will love and appreciate what they have to offer. Ultimately they love the love, in mass quantities and large doses from each that they touch...the logical nature of adjoining Venus and Jupiter.
As the cycle continues, these two planets will ultimately come to what we call the square aspect. For natives, what started out as a grandiose it a personal or material value, or a relationship with that"sky's the limit" sits in the position of "To Be or Not to Be". The square indicates the natives "responsibility" to follow through with the grandiose "practice what he preaches" or to ultimately realize that roots cannot grow long and the tree cannot grow high under the shade of so many other plants that represent scattered promises, distractions and desires. This is a good analogy for this aspect, as it reminds me of the potential one has in growing a garden in a greenhouse. The house is large representing a large capacity to love, and for natives of these planets, anything they plant bears fruit easily and flourishes with little to no struggle. However, they must choose whether to grow 100 plants (each plant yielding only a little fruit which is frustrating to the large scale way of the Jupiter aspect that wants everything he touches to be GODLIKE) or grow 6 plants by supercropping methods and have each one truly grow large. Both ways are a large scale value and process, but distinctly different approaches, as the small number of plants also may not sit well with the Jupiter native. There is conflict here.

Before we truly reach the point in which this choice is made, it must be understood that the affection, generosity and passions are scattered. Self indulgence and carelessness yield a complete lack of true responsibility. This is especially the danger in any material possession or even religious belief or value that automates something that originally we took responsibility for. Our lives in this day and age are so automated sometimes that we often forget the value that our products provide for us, taking them for granted. In religion for example, the belief in an all loving God that dies for our sins or that takes our confession can become a way to avoid the responsibility of what was the original truth. The conflict goes both ways as the native, in having such a people pleasing and giving nature carrying over from the conjunction, has alot of people that now project grandiose expectations upon him and he is unable to be "responsible" for all that he set out to do. Often this results in being generous on the surface or only when it satisfies an ulterior motive, the generosity being withdrawn at a later time. This is not because the native doesn't want to help everyone and give love to all. It is simply facing a crisis in body that they cannot please everyone, but they still show people this high level of pleasing charm because they do not know how to do otherwise. Under the surface they may withhold generosity only as a way to try and reign in a scattered sense of values. The native of this aspect must first discipline himself in the values he chooses before seeking indulgences. Ultimately, the native..much like the conjunction, is in love with love and appreciation and is desperate for the attention of others and will do just about anything to receive it. Because they not only are able to truly nurture all that they want to put out, as well as truly receive what they expect from relationships, they have a tendency to overly indulge themselves in order to compensate, and thus have problems with obesity.
On the closing square (Venus waning back towards Jupiter), values seeking to launch into the collective often meets another culture. Depending on some other aspects (Neptune especially), the expansion of values here must be resolved within relationship with another culture or religious group...with the native often expanding the family seed into an eastern or western culture as the case may be....upsetting the family paradigm in the process. This is the way the universe diversifies further, by becoming one..marriage must occur between east and west...between Christian and Muslim or Buddhist. In this way we have new systems of beliefs that begin as the values of today, and become the paradigms and belief structures of tomorrow. This all goes back to the original and pure nature of the two planets. In the mundane world, this translates into "love being the universal language" and feeding off the appreciation of diversity. It is the responsibility of the native with the strenuous aspects between the planets to cultivate the grand potential of the new creation that can come about these marriages rather than projecting or scattering seeds of love and generosity into a situation which it views as impossible to truly bear fruit due to an uncooperative environment or family structure.

So what happens now? What becomes of the native if they continue to scatter their love and affection with desperation to receive it without cultivating anything by choice that can truly grow large and ripple throughout humanity? When the two planets make opposition, fulfillment in relationship ultimately remains in "polarity". Because of the nature of these planets, generosity and grandiose idealism still exists, but one may draw relationships in which the archetype of Jupiter is embodied in the other person but is not received or that they remain at odds with. Examples of this would be a woman who marries into money, but marries a man incapable of seeing her through all that money..incapable of giving her true love. Another is of a man that marries a gold digger with a great hole in her pocket and a heart for charities galore. She will spend and give of his resources in his place, scattering them into a number of values that may not be fully known to him..himself not the recipient of the generosity or love that he values. The drama behind all of this can be exaggerated greatly by the native. What the native must learn is to fully and truly love and value the SELF. Again here, we may find overweight bleeding hearts that overindulge themselves as compensation for that desire to have appreciation and love shown in so many ways. If they ever truly learn to value and love themselves for the true VALUES that they have, remembering that which sought to automate itself in the beginning of the cycles (often past lives in the case of the native with the opposition), then they will draw a relationship that can truly give them everything their heart desires because it is a refection of their own heart truly loving the self. In the case that, at the square, full responsibility was taken, then the aspect of the opposition can indicate a great leader or teacher. Priests, leaders of great social or religious reform and movements are included in this, great teachers of young people..planting the seeds of value and knowledge to many with EACH the ability to grow endlessly (a true resolve to the above dilemma in the greenhouse example)! The native of the opposition can manipulate others easily and win their hearts and minds in order to further his objectives. In the world of business and philosophy, the native greets the reality that other choices and values exist in the world that are not their own. They seem to enjoy the competition with others in what essentially amounts to a "paradigm war". Warriors and leaders of men who seek to spread their belief and values and can easily manipulate others easily and win their hearts and minds in order to further his objectives.
The native who did not take responsibility in past lives at the square of planets does not have the grounded value and objective at hand, and so they either carry a bitterness towards opposing views that may be winning the war of paradigm, or they isolate themselves through feeling unloved and appreciated, overindulging the self and seeking love and affection wherever they can find it, being taken advantage of continuously as the generous martyr in the process.

The other strain free aspects in this cycle such as the sextile and trine bring about easy going, affectionate and generous natives that have the ability to draw people out and make people feel good about themselves. The trine is a bit more grounded in the choice of values that he seeks to give appreciation to.
The inconjunction of these planets brings about the need of adjustment in giving too much or expecting too much from one source of relationship. Remember that we get what we give, but we cannot expect others, no matter how much we may give of ourselves, to respond by healing a wounded need to receive love or appreciation that has been previously automated or not fully given to the self.

Through the energy of the planets Venus and Jupiter is reflected our capacity to appreciate and love our diversity as Gods/Goddesses incarnate. Through this appreciation, we feel a great love for everyone and feel that love returned on a grand scale. This is not possible to feel unless we fully love ourselves, and fully value the unique perspective that we have come to share with the world. We are all great teachers, all communicating our truth through simply being true to ourselves. We have molded the matter of this plane in order to help us facilitate the expression of these allow us to love more deeply and fully...not meant to be a replacement for it.

To Be Thyself is to Love Thyself, and to Love Thyself is to Be Loved a Thousand Fold