Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs, the Body of Christ, and the sign of Taurus

I will start by revealing an esoteric truth not commonly known among people that acknowledge the one they call Christ. Psychologist Carl Jung depicted Christ as a symbolical man representing the Holistic Self, which encompasses the embodiment of ALL living beings. Given this, the tale of the crucifixion retold and celebrated on Easter Sunday has a deeper meaning, and that being that the Cross itself is symbolic of the Fall of Spirit into Matter, or God into Human Form, and the identification of the masses with this symbol representing the assimilation of the "universal" from the mind of the "particular" and their projection upon this "Physical Holism" as a Man. Their were 3 crosses in the story, which symbolize the 3 Crosses of Incarnation out of the archetypal matrix of the Zodiac, the zodiac reflecting not just the cycle of life but 12 distinct energies that pour into the many bodies of our solar system, including our own. Each Cross represents a polarity of the inner psyche, and each polarity necessitates a cross polarity which becomes the "matrix" or the result of the initial division into polarity.
Taurus is the energy of receptivity and illumination. It is where we draw in light, and on the highest level of expression is depicted by the Bull whose horns are pointed towards the heavens with the Third Eye illuminated by light (as opposed to the Ram in Aries whose downward facing horns serve as blinders to the Third Eye). We call the stars of our galaxy the Milky Way, and there is much esoteric symbolism behind this, as in some cultures the sacredness of the cow is tied into the churning of the milk and curds which spread throughout the matrix of mother space, providing the "stuff" through which spirit is drawn into matter. Each of these curds is birthed in Mother Space from the unknown (Immaculate Conception) and begins as an Egg. When you hunt for Easter Eggs this season, try to meditate on the symbolic nature of the act. You are hunting the sea of Cosmos for the Light which illuminates you, your "horns" turned upwards in receptivity to the "Golden Egg" which represents the full illumination of your soul. The egg that glitters the brightest is not necessarily the Golden Egg that fully brings your soul desire to fruition, for this world provides much glitter that distracts us, and the journey to the "Light of OUR World" is not an easy one.
Given the affinity to our light, the keynote to understanding Taurus on the deepest level is the phrase "What Turns you On?" Yes, on the lowest level this represents the serpent power of our sexuality, as well as our fetishes and all desires of the physical. It primarily represents all dissociated desire. If you are inspired by becoming a zoologist, or owning an RV and travelling the country, or becoming a lawyer or a doctor, or buying that 72 inch TV from Circuit City next week....if any of these things MOVE you, then they stimulate the light within you, turning you on and providing illumination. It is when our desire has become so physical and displaced, so far removed from the purpose of our spirit, that we have lost the desire nature. At this point, the Bull of Taurus has become the ugly Minotaur of the Labyrinth with seemingly a near impossible road back. This lower desire nature goes to die in Scorpio, the polarity of Taurus. In Scorpio, we find our unconscious in others whom display the resentment for displacing the desire towards such inhumane forms. Think of the woman whose man is in front of the TV at night drinking his beer and watching his sports....the woman longing for the deeper connection or sexual union they once had. Here the light of Taurus permeates our relationships, as we identify with those that mirror our inner light and with them enter the battlefield to once again bring each other back to the awareness that WE ARE the Light of the World, not the stuff that we have held onto and lost our way with.

So kids, remember when you are hording all of those eggs, that when an egg is coveted that you are not able bring to light, that it becomes rotten and gives off a foul smell. Seek the egg that is reflectant of your inner light, the ones that call you, for you are the mother of this light that can bring it to birth in the realm of was meant for you and only you to be displayed as the glory of all that you are. It is the clay that you mold as a reflection of what is already inside you, which is where the true value is.

Happy Hunting and Happy Easter!!