Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/2011 Naked Insight of the Day: Happy Halloween 10%2F31%2F2011 Insight of the Day%3A Happy Halloween by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, so wonderful to see all my naked earth friends. I have been on a tour of your galaxy
spreading the messages of Truth, Love, Awareness, and Astrology. Such a tour requires not only a shift in space, but a shift in time and vibrational frequency. There are many dimensions that you must expand into in order to perceive life outside of your own planet. For now, you are
assimilating your own inner life differentiations.
This brings us to Halloween and its appropriate expression during the Sun's journey through the
sign of Scorpio. The shadow self looms within all of us, calling us to act upon its expression of
consciousness which is usually in polarity to the ego. If we answer the call, is it a trick, or
will it be a treat? If you find that it is a trick, you are hedging your bets. Whatever you are
dressing up at, whether it be a naked vampire, or a shreaking banshee in the nude, or a sexy witch with her body fully exposed, or maybe you are a couple dressing as the Naked Astrologer and his lover, your dress is the shadow seeking to integrate with you. Think of the hideous
monster that is the shadow as the part of you that has taken a beating through lifetimes as you
sacrifice its truth for the validation and acceptance from others and society. Doing this cages
the self within. Let the shadow out everyday, not just on Halloween, and you will find that this
beast and the lover with whom you cuddle by the fire and feed fruit to is one and the same. The
shadow integrated. Conscious and unconscious acting as one. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth,
Awareness, and Astrology!

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