Friday, October 7, 2011

10/7/2011 Naked Insight: What is heaven or hell like after we die? 10%2F7%2F2011 Naked Insight%3A What is heaven and hell%3F by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, good timing as always. I just finished astral traveling to all the lovers I have ever had
during my journey as a soul, and consciously or not, attempted to bring them all to orgasm at the same moment in order to raise the collective vibration.
Unfortunately for earth people, it is often easier to achieve this when not physically present.
Insecurities, cross projection, and illusion mask what under the surface is nothing but pure love. When a person has passed away, or made transition as we call it on Truthville, it is often one side of their human duality that they are remembered for. When mass killers pass away, people project that aspect of themselves onto the deceased, as if creating a fantasy or illusion that they represented something that we each don't embody. When the great thinkers and innovators pass, their message becomes more clear and vivid. Some people do so much good throughout their lives, and all of a sudden they die and then they want to talk about it. It is as if the integration of the ego/personality and the divinity hold part of the message back, symbolized by the balance of Libra, and once the ego is released at death, society makes its judgement as to whether a person served on the level of the soul or the level of the ego.

What will they say of your life when you pass away? The moon in Aquarius moving into Pisces right now shifts the balance of the souls journey onto the gifts of the soul, on the unique gifts that each of you have, and on your ability to make a difference through service. The Piscean needs are often best reached through fantasy and projection onto the deceased or symbols of the holistic self such as Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and those which the individual identifies as resonating with divinity. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!

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