Monday, November 14, 2011

11/14/11 Insight of the Day: On TruthVille, the amps all go to 11:11 11%2F14%2F11 Insight of the Day%3A 11%3A11 by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, so wonderful to see my naked friends today. Those that are more mathematically inclined may enjoy todays insight. If you are not so much, you may want to take out your handy dandy
notebooks, or if you are naked and without a notebook, find a friend with a marker and he or she can connect the dots on your body in order to help you ground intuitively into the mathematics of which we speak. When the body takes on certain yoga poses, forming curves and circles, it is easier to see it as a microcosm of the universe itself... distance between vital parts is relative not only to the distance between cosmic bodies, but also the time it takes for each of us to reach particular aspects of our unconscious self. Space and time are an abstraction of mind, a mind that has crystallized into the illusion of space and time, which are merely tools from which we move from one differentiated aspect of self to another.

Astrology is a science of relativity. Today I will use the phenomenon of 11:11 and its relativity
to the planet Neptune. Let us take the 24 hour cycle of the day and relate it to the 360 degree
cycle...reflected in the 365 days of the year and on a greater scale, 360 years. Keep in mind
that in astrology, a day equals a year equals a degree...each in themselves are monadic units of
measure which can be related to each other in terms of times of transformations. 11 hours and 11 minutes is 46 percent of a day, and the 165 years and change of Neptunes orbit around the Sun is 46 percent of a greater cycle of 360 years. Ironically, Neptune was discovered exactly 165 years and change ago, so you receive this insight on a significant return in its own cycle. What does this mean? Well, Neptune represents the ONENESS, reflected in the singular number itself, but also Neptune represents an escape from the mundane reality, a portal that we can enter and find redemption from our past, reincarnating this very past in order to heal ourselves and our planet. Being taken in by aliens or trancending to a different dimension or whatever is spoken of about the 11:11, this comes from the imagination as a symbol of the opportunity that is offered here on this planet. I will have more to say regarding this tomorrow, and I hope you join me and we can tap in to the power of 11. Until then, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!