Monday, November 14, 2011

11/14/11 Insight of the Day: On TruthVille, the amps all go to 11:11 11%2F14%2F11 Insight of the Day%3A 11%3A11 by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, so wonderful to see my naked friends today. Those that are more mathematically inclined may enjoy todays insight. If you are not so much, you may want to take out your handy dandy
notebooks, or if you are naked and without a notebook, find a friend with a marker and he or she can connect the dots on your body in order to help you ground intuitively into the mathematics of which we speak. When the body takes on certain yoga poses, forming curves and circles, it is easier to see it as a microcosm of the universe itself... distance between vital parts is relative not only to the distance between cosmic bodies, but also the time it takes for each of us to reach particular aspects of our unconscious self. Space and time are an abstraction of mind, a mind that has crystallized into the illusion of space and time, which are merely tools from which we move from one differentiated aspect of self to another.

Astrology is a science of relativity. Today I will use the phenomenon of 11:11 and its relativity
to the planet Neptune. Let us take the 24 hour cycle of the day and relate it to the 360 degree
cycle...reflected in the 365 days of the year and on a greater scale, 360 years. Keep in mind
that in astrology, a day equals a year equals a degree...each in themselves are monadic units of
measure which can be related to each other in terms of times of transformations. 11 hours and 11 minutes is 46 percent of a day, and the 165 years and change of Neptunes orbit around the Sun is 46 percent of a greater cycle of 360 years. Ironically, Neptune was discovered exactly 165 years and change ago, so you receive this insight on a significant return in its own cycle. What does this mean? Well, Neptune represents the ONENESS, reflected in the singular number itself, but also Neptune represents an escape from the mundane reality, a portal that we can enter and find redemption from our past, reincarnating this very past in order to heal ourselves and our planet. Being taken in by aliens or trancending to a different dimension or whatever is spoken of about the 11:11, this comes from the imagination as a symbol of the opportunity that is offered here on this planet. I will have more to say regarding this tomorrow, and I hope you join me and we can tap in to the power of 11. Until then, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

11/13/11 Insight of the Day: Saturn and Neptune 11%2F13%2F11 Insight of the Day%3A Saturn and Neptune by The Naked Astrologer

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If your naked and you know it and you really want to show it if you naked and you know it.....
Ah, hello my naked friends. The Naked Astrologer has been traveling to many many lands of late to spread the truth behind the physical experience. There are many worlds in which physicality is experienced, most just happen to exist in a different dimension of time and frequency. You will meet these aspects of your greater self when the time is appropriate. For now, let us discuss the workings of Saturn and Neptune.

There two planets are considered opposite to most conventional astrologers. Saturn creates
borderlines of distinction, and Neptune removes all boundaries. Saturn could be likened to stone, and Neptune to the powerful ocean. Through Neptune, we continuously tap into the sea of creativity. Redemption from past trials is offered through Neptune. However, with any path you choose, there is methodology that must follow the physical laws of this world. Saturn is where you must learn and become responsible for what it is that you want. You can have anything that you want in this world, but there is a cost. Saturn will bring that cost to your threshold, and often you will find that this cost is the pain and fears that resonate deep within from previous trials of experience. These must always be moved through and healed if you are to move forward in self awareness, self mastery, and with the ability to responsibly manifest the way you were born to.

It will be my pleasure to stay here for awhile and once again bring these insights to you on a
daily basis. I have missed you all and love you all. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness, and

Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/2011 Naked Insight of the Day: Happy Halloween 10%2F31%2F2011 Insight of the Day%3A Happy Halloween by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, so wonderful to see all my naked earth friends. I have been on a tour of your galaxy
spreading the messages of Truth, Love, Awareness, and Astrology. Such a tour requires not only a shift in space, but a shift in time and vibrational frequency. There are many dimensions that you must expand into in order to perceive life outside of your own planet. For now, you are
assimilating your own inner life differentiations.
This brings us to Halloween and its appropriate expression during the Sun's journey through the
sign of Scorpio. The shadow self looms within all of us, calling us to act upon its expression of
consciousness which is usually in polarity to the ego. If we answer the call, is it a trick, or
will it be a treat? If you find that it is a trick, you are hedging your bets. Whatever you are
dressing up at, whether it be a naked vampire, or a shreaking banshee in the nude, or a sexy witch with her body fully exposed, or maybe you are a couple dressing as the Naked Astrologer and his lover, your dress is the shadow seeking to integrate with you. Think of the hideous
monster that is the shadow as the part of you that has taken a beating through lifetimes as you
sacrifice its truth for the validation and acceptance from others and society. Doing this cages
the self within. Let the shadow out everyday, not just on Halloween, and you will find that this
beast and the lover with whom you cuddle by the fire and feed fruit to is one and the same. The
shadow integrated. Conscious and unconscious acting as one. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth,
Awareness, and Astrology!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

10/16/2011 Naked Insight of the Day: South Lunar Node 10%2F16%2F2011 Naked Insight of the Day%3A South Node by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, hello there my naked and cuddly friends. Did you enjoy your journey to TruthVille this week?
If you ever want to go back, all roads lead there, and from TruthVille, the complexity of roadsleads to complete diversity and differentiation. I see you found your way back to the diverse anddifferentiated reality you live in right now. Currently in the lunation cycle, the moon has reached Gemini, but it has also reached the South Lunar Node, which means that the Moons path reaches the point today where the Moons cyclical path and the Suns cyclical path cross. The South Node as opposed to the North Node is symbolic of returning to where you have been with the new lessons that you have learned in the present. Now that you have been Occupying TruthVille and become part of the 0.00426 percent, experiencing such oneness with your brothers and sisters, what are you going to do now that you have returned to the illusion of separation? With Jupiter opposing Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, it is likely that you will want to return to the value of yourself as a unique individual. This is a wonderful thing, because you are unique and special and should be recognized for this. Just remember that this is like a costume party, and we are celebrating diversity of creative consciousness. You will not be able to hold on to this illusory phase of your diversity, and you shouldnt want to, for we will be waiting at home in TruthVille for you to come cuddle with us by the fireplace and drink magic coffee with us. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness and Astrology!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Naked Horoscopes for Full Moon 10/11/2011: OCCUPY TRUTHVILLE! Full Moon Naked Horoscopes for 10%2F11%2F2011 by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, so wonderful to see all my naked earth friends as well as my earth friends that are two
repressed to enjoy being naked with us, as well as my earth friends that find comfort in their
clothes for whatever reason. If you earth people weren't so strangely sensitive to having your ego particularly excluded even when its something as trivial as a freaking horoscope column, I wouldnt have to join your politically correct ways in order to demonstrate the consideration that we on TruthVille were born with. However, I have learned that in order to get your message across, it is best to cater somewhat to your fragile egos so that you wont stop listening to me. You are all here because this is Occupy TruthVille week. This is a big part of the lesson for this Full Moon in Aries. Each of us needs to be heard, and yet we are limited as to how we are heard if we do not hear others. When you Occupy TruthVille, you embody all that you are and no longer fear that your brothers or sisters are going to take anything away from you. If I did offend anyones fragile ego, consider yourself held for hours while we lie together in front of a fireplace as I feed you chocolate chip cookie dough with my toes. Enjoy todays horoscope, and until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!

Aries - So you find yourself visiting downtown TruthVille and cant be fully content for some
reason. You see the coffee shop with the homegrown marijuana brewed into the coffee, and the
fireplace with the firedancers outside beckoning for all to come cuddle by the fire. These are
all ideas that you have had, and your ego feels torn that you find it already created and do not
feel the credit projected upon you. That is because you created this long ago, and have now
incarnated in this world under a strange human disguise. Enjoy the experience of what you are.
You did create this and we are thankful.

Taurus - It finally dawned on you the day that you gave your StarWars action figure collection to your son, and he lost your most valuable figure the first day, and torched Princess Lea until her plastic buttcheeks melted together. The lesson is that you demonstrate value with your heart, not with your things. You decide to take your son to Truthville, where you walk into a coffeeshop where people are cuddling by the fire feeding cookie dough to each other and sipping a special kind of coffee that makes you really relaxed. Your son looks over at the bar, and is shocked to see Princess Lea sitting there with Greedo and two of the other bounty hunters that few remember but the purists. You all sit and have coffee and chat about Star Wars for hours, and you see your son appreciate the importance that your StarWars collection has for you not from the things, but from this special experience.

Gemini - You find yourself in TruthVille craving the famous cookie dough you have heard so much about. You seem unsure about what you have heard regarding people feeding each other with their feet, but you decide to check it out. You walk in and see what looks almost exactly like yourself, cuddling with the Naked Astrologer and feeding him cookie dough with your toes. What really freaks you out is the appearance of the feet, which look just like hands. Your twin sees you and looks shocked, and says "im not sure if I want you to feed me cookie dough with those things". As you approach each other, you notice that your twins feet are identical to your hands, and your feet are identical to your twins hands. The point is that we are all brothers and
sisters, and often the illusion of duality confuses us, but we are walking with our feet upon a
path of understanding our diversity, and when we get there we find the part of ourselves that was already there.

Cancer - You found your dream job at the TruthVille coffeeshop. You love working with the special plants and brewing their magic into the coffee. You love all of your customers, and enjoy taking your turn cuddling with many of them by the fireplace. The difficulty for you is that you love them all and feel they lose something when they arent getting served your coffee or they arent eating cookie dough from your hands by the fire. Although all roads lead to the same home, and the same mother, each of us has our own journey, and the person we choose to serve us our trip on a particular visit mirrors the differentiated source of that particular need. You only relate to the source of all things, but it is not your place to be the source of all things. Weave the illusion you wish for your patrons and children to experience with your magic plants and coffee, honor those that seek your magic out, and release those that do not

Leo - Have you ever drank a delicious glass of orange juice, and then chased that with the best
chocolate shake ever, only the taste of the orange juice messed up the taste of the shake? You
added some magic plant into the chocolate chip cookie dough mix so that the patrons of the
TruthVille coffeeshop could experience the world as you see it. It bothers you that when you feed it to your customers, they get an initial look on their face that they arent quite sure about the reality in which they find themselves. I mean, that reality is THE reality according to you, and they should feel the same about it right? This is why you love dogs so much. They mirror the reality that you feed them, and thats about it. Humans make transformations that are not as
smooth, and you need to realize that only you were meant to experience exactly what you are
experiencing. Others will take what they want from you and make it their own.

Virgo - A monk walked into the Truthville coffeeshop and sampled your magic coffee. His
experience was literally out of the world, and so you miticulously have made sure over a good
length of time that the flowering cycle of your magic plants be set at 9.6 weeks exactly, and that
cookie dough not be mixed with the bat guano feedings during the second to last week of the
flowering phase, but only from the 6th to the 2nd to last day of the cycle for the perfect flavor
and the perfect trip. But what is the perfect trip Virgo? Is it just because a person you look
up to experienced it, so it must be of higher quality? Everyone in TruthVille has their own trip
regardless of how exact specifications of your gardening. Let go a little bit and enjoy the
fruits of your labors, for you will see what I mean much more clearly.

Libra - I saw you for awhile by the fire at TruthVille Coffee practically forcefeeding your lover
magic coffee and cookie dough while telling them how much you love them. Then I saw you with someone new, and that person was forcefeeding it to you out of love. Last time you started to learn the art of compromise, but it made me sick to watch you feed your lover and ask every 10 minutes "what are you feeling now?" and have them do the same every other 10, meaning that instead of blazing forward you stop every 5 minutes to analyze the quality of the ride and your work through the experience of your partner. Libra, shut up and enjoy your experience. He or she will enjoy theirs alot more if you do.

Scorpio - As a resident of TruthVille for some time now, you are among the favorite baristas at
the coffeshop. Each character relates to you. You realize the truth when the father walks in
with his son that torched the Princess Lea actionfigures buttcheeks together (see horoscope for
Taurus), and you realize the fear based reason that you moved through in past lives. You see
Greedo and Lea equally as one because you realize that Greedo is Lea on the inside, and Lea is
Greedo on the inside, their appearances a front. Whatever Greedo wants to put in Lea's butt will
inject the inner beauty and make them one, and although Lea isnt ready for it, as the boy
unconsciously knows through his actions upon the action figures, you see them as one and know that they are in TruthVille to merge, cuddle, and feed each other cookie dough. On earth they call that type of love rear entry.

Sagittarius - Youve been put in charge of the marketing plan for TruthVille coffeehouse, and you trust that the masters have put you in charge because your desire to serve a clientele of higher awareness is what they truly want. You are more comfortable tripping out monks with your magic coffee than getting spit on by the likes of Greedo. However, what you do not realize is that the masters only feel that your perception will balance the energies of the coffeeshop, and that any confrontation between the likes of Greedo and the monks will create the proper balance to bring a higher degree of harmony to TruthVille, which is always harmonious, however it is your job to lure those that are ready to find the Truth, and that is a Truth that you are not entirely conscious of yet.

Capricorn - You are amazed to find that TruthVille is paying 25 an hour to work in the TruthVille coffeehouse. After your first week, you are expecting a paycheck of nearly $1000. The head master seems amused when you ask for payment. "What is it that you want?" he says "Every hour you have worked you have served 25 patrons. You recieved 25 per hour. "WTF??, How is that getting paid??" you ask. The master chuckles and asks again, what is it that you want? "I want to buy a nice place to live, I want to buy my food, I need to pay my bills!!" you explain. The master realizes that he is speaking to a child from earth, and delicately explains...."Look over there at the resident quarters you liked so much when you came here. Your customers built it and are making all repairs. Your customers that gave you your food from the market, they grew all that food themselves. All that you have received is yours in exchange for your services. If this place is not everything that you want, then you should go find a city that resonates with your wants." Ask yourself this week what it is that you really want. Money doesnt mean anything by itself.

Aquarius - Your job at TruthVille Coffeeshop is to prepare the special mushrooms that are often added to the magic coffee for special customers. People come to TruthVille because they know they will experience the naked truth...well, that and get cuddled by the fire and fed chocolate chip cookie dough, but the point is that you love to shake up the Truth by tripping people out when they dont expect it. You are here to remind us with what you bring to the table that Truth is always changing. What was true today is not necessarily true tomorrow. We can release, deny, and change what is the underlying truth and create temporal truth, and even temporal truth within temporal truth. What is your truth this week that you wish to share, and where does it fall on the spectrum of Truth/temporal truth. How many magic mushrooms and magic coffee have you consumed today?

Pisces - You wake up from a strange dream where you were Greedo from StarWars and you came to TruthVille because you wanted people to see that your aggression was merely a projection, and really you were just a cuddly creature that wanted to cuddle by the fireplace at the TruthVille coffeeshop and be fed cookie dough. You are able to see Greedo in a different light, as you talk with him everyday at the coffeeshop. As soon as you see a young boy walk in the shop with an action figure of you that he torched the buttcheeks closed, you wake up from that dream and find yourself back in your body as the Naked Astrologer. You look at yourself in the mirror and cant help but to be confused due to how orgasmic you feel looking at yourself, when suddenly you wake up from that dream and come back to your reality as head barista at TruthVille Coffeehouse. Pisces, you dream this reality, and every reality you find yourself in is like a bar that falls from the clouds and is heading towards the ocean. Once the bar submerges it finds itself in a different reality. Only from the time the bar makes itself seen leaving the clouds to its fall to the waters edge does it exist as it appears. Every veil uncovered contains the illusion that this is finally reality, only to find that you are still dreaming and wake up in yet another. Come join us by the fire and try to enjoy your dream!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/9/2011 Naked Insight: Aries 10%2F9%2F2011 Naked Insight%3A Aries by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, hello there my companions in naked truthology. The full moon is approaching, and it would
perhaps be a good time to discuss the nature of Aries energy. As some of you are aware, Mars is
considered most often the planet ruling the sign of Aries. Mars blazes a trail and makes its
paradigm known, but more aggressively so. The polarity of Aries and Libra takes the form of
dominance and submission when we deal with the current expression of Mars and Venus as energetic rulers. However, it is the planet Mercury that is the esoteric ruler of Aries. What this means is that as a soul evolves, they find that at first communication, and then resolution of duality and cooperation is a better way in which to forge an idea and have it bear fruit. After this is achieved, humans are able to tap into the archetype of Hermes and produce magic. You are capable of intuitively drawing to yourself and being drawn to your soul family that is here to help co-create your idea with you. There was never a need for force or dominance in the form of war.
Thank you for joining me on another exciting astrological insight, and until tomorrow, Love,
Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!

Friday, October 7, 2011

10/7/2011 Naked Insight: What is heaven or hell like after we die? 10%2F7%2F2011 Naked Insight%3A What is heaven and hell%3F by The Naked Astrologer

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Ah, good timing as always. I just finished astral traveling to all the lovers I have ever had
during my journey as a soul, and consciously or not, attempted to bring them all to orgasm at the same moment in order to raise the collective vibration.
Unfortunately for earth people, it is often easier to achieve this when not physically present.
Insecurities, cross projection, and illusion mask what under the surface is nothing but pure love. When a person has passed away, or made transition as we call it on Truthville, it is often one side of their human duality that they are remembered for. When mass killers pass away, people project that aspect of themselves onto the deceased, as if creating a fantasy or illusion that they represented something that we each don't embody. When the great thinkers and innovators pass, their message becomes more clear and vivid. Some people do so much good throughout their lives, and all of a sudden they die and then they want to talk about it. It is as if the integration of the ego/personality and the divinity hold part of the message back, symbolized by the balance of Libra, and once the ego is released at death, society makes its judgement as to whether a person served on the level of the soul or the level of the ego.

What will they say of your life when you pass away? The moon in Aquarius moving into Pisces right now shifts the balance of the souls journey onto the gifts of the soul, on the unique gifts that each of you have, and on your ability to make a difference through service. The Piscean needs are often best reached through fantasy and projection onto the deceased or symbols of the holistic self such as Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and those which the individual identifies as resonating with divinity. Until tomorrow, Love, Truth, Awareness, and Astrology!